7×7 — 09/14/2010

“Always full of cool band tshirts, Adidas gear and sharp leather jackets, Static Vintage stands out from its Haight Street neighbors by dedicating a section for each of its employees to curate to their own tastes.”

Teen Vogue — 12/17/2008

“Static: Will Make Your Hair Stand On Edge
With Nickelodeon green walls, Static feels like the Emerald City of thrift stores. Stock full of vintage Balmain bags, Burberry Trenches, and eighties jumpers, you’ll be trading in all the green in your wallet for these handpicked treasures.”

Not For Tourists — 01/27/2009

“But in the light of day there is happiness to be had on Haight: Static. The goods aren’t just swept off the street from the good ol’ peace-and-love days, but span a half-century of quality and personality. Rapture! Now I roll with Haight nostalgia and hippie-antics. Thank you, Static.”

Bare Magazine — 03/06/2009

“Static is a slightly smaller store, in size as well as grandeur. Despite being in the shadow of some of the more popular stores, the lime green walls and the portrait of Twiggy greeting you as you enter remind you that this still is a shopping experience. 70s sportswear such as retro Adidas tracksuit tops fill the rails as well as a whole range of logo t-shirts.”

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