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How do you get more cash or trade in hand when you sell your vintage and designer clothing and accessories to Static Vintage?

Frankly, our buyers know their shit. both in store and outside buys, have over three decades of experience in vintage clothing. At Static you won’t find a new buyer every couple of months, who may or may not know what you really have. What you will find is someone who has been in the industry for many years, a buyer who is deeply knowledgeable in eras, designers, market value and what your items are truly worth. You may even be surprised with what you didn’t know you had. And because we know what your items are really are, and their true value, we believe that you won’t get short-changed due to a buyer’s inexperience in the industry.

When you sell to Static Vintage, you are also selling to a wider market than your neighborhood vintage store. Static has been around for over 11 years, and in that time has developed a deep network of outlets to sell too. In addition to the customers that shop in-store, we also have a strong online presence, and a large list of private buyers, including collectors across the globe, stylists across the country, and individuals whose wants we are deeply familiar with. We won’t price your items on how they “may” sell in our store, they’re priced on what we can get across our network of clients. Because of this, we can often take a greater quantity of your items. More items for higher retail value means more money for you. We don’t limit our buys to season, current trends, and have a broader spectrum of eras that we deal with which means you’ll also get rid of more.

Not only do we aim to make it more profitable to sell to Static Vintage, we also aim to make it more convenient. We have a buyer on staff whenever we are open if you want to sell in store. If you have any questions whether it would be best to bring it in, or if you need us to come to you, just contact us and we will work out the best option for selling your used clothing.

You should make Static your first stop, because we will often take more, for more, we are also uniquely situated with a number of other stores on the street that buy used clothing. If it’s not something that works for us, we will tell you where you will get the best value for your goods. And you won’t have to bounce all over the Bay, it may be just as easy as going up and down the block. When you sell to Static on Haight, you’ll get rid of more that you’re looking to part with.

While we think these are all valid reasons to sell to Static, you should also be aware of the more technical aspects of getting the most for your used vintage and designer clothing.

Great condition. etc

There are ways to maximize what you’ll get when you sell your used vintage and designer clothing.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you understand the process of the how, what and why we buy what we buy.

Whether you are an avid collector looking to make room in your closet, an estate liquidator looking for experts on clothing, a former vinatge dealer looking to get out of the game, or someone who just finds themselves with way too much, contact Static Vintage to sell your large amounts of clothing.

No buy is too large for us.

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